1935 Chrysler Airflow C-1 Coupe Owner – Henry & Naomi Arras

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Placed top 5 at the 17th Annual Goodguys Del Mar Nationals 1935 Chrysler Airflow C-1 Coupe Owner – Henry & Naomi Arras Builders: Henry Arras, George Ness and Gary Emerson 6.1 Hemi, supporting a Edelbrock Supercharge. 545RFE transmission, Art Morrison frame rear clip, Heidt Super Ride front suspension , the remainder of the frame was built in house, the mufflers are from Sebring Tuning all polished stainless steel, the rest of the exhaust system was fabricated in house.  The engine and transmission are stand on aluminum mounts, wheels are Boyd Coddington, 17” front & 18” rear, mounted with Falken tires. The rough body body/metal work was done in house, with the final body work and paint done at Armando’s were the interior was also done.  The fenders are welded to the body, the rear fenders were extended to match the beaver tail, the roof was filled using a 1946 Chrysler four door roof, the bumpers are off a 1941 Chrysler, the taillights bullets are stock, with the mounts being modified to except the wires, had to machine parts to hold the led lights, the bottom of the body is just as smooth as the top side, it was filled with panels and finished.  The front fenders were filled to match the radius of the tires, the headlight buckets, bezels, and parking light grills were designed and hand made.  The engine compartment lower side panels are louvered, the upper side panels were designed and hand driven rivets around the perimeter.  The intake system was all designed in house, look at the pictures.  The wiring was done in house, using Classic Instruments, Centech fuse panel and wiring harness.  The main engine harness was built by Auto Hot Wire.  Note; we are using a 5.7 Hemi computer due to the transmission.  It was up tuned  ST Motor Sport to accept the engine/transmission combination. The build took a little over four years, and again there was much thought and design, and as always, many things were done not just once, but twice or three times, but that is Street Rodding…..

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