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Bob Mazzolini Racing: We’re here to help

If you like going fast and want to go faster, chances are likely that you’ve spent time searching for someone that can help. After all, building an engine, or a whole car for that matter, is not something to be taken lightly. The initial investment is high and problems later on can cost even more. It makes sense that you want it done right the first time.

You’ve probably come across a few companies by now and we wouldn’t be surprised if your choice isn’t all that clear. It’s often difficult to tell how well someone can serve you from what they say on their website. Our competitors should talk big, of course. Because if they’re not at least talking big, we can’t see how they could be walking big. The thing is, how can you know that their walk backs up all that talk?

Here’s how you know that Bob Mazzolini Racing is the clear choice…

Before we even considered selling parts and service, we built and raced the car to beat in the 80’s. Drag racers would come from across the United States just to knock us off the top spot. Time and time again they went home empty-handed. We were the ones walking the walk. It made sense to build a business out of our experience and innovation. Now you get to benefit.

We’re still the ones who walk the walk. Our customers win on and off the track: They cross the finish line first and go home with confidence that their car will do just as well the next time out.

Race Cars

We built them for us. We won. Have us build one for you. Watch what happens. Simple as that. Talk to us about buying a ready-to-race car. Consult with us about having one made new for you. We can perform and contract every part of the build. Just tell us how fast you want to go and show us the rules for your style of competition. You’ll end up with a car that can do what it needs to do: Win races.

Racing Engines

Breathe new life into an old 392. Run a 360 that outperforms your buddy’s 440. Make your 426 Hemi drive circles around today’s 6.4 Liter. Heck. Have us build you a new 6.4 that stomps them all. All we really need to know is how fast you need to be, what kind of fuel you plan to use, your gearing, and the weight of your car. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to go from there. Of course you can share more information along the way. In fact, we encourage it. There’s nothing quite like building big power over good conversation.

Of course you can pick it up when it’s done or have us send it to you. We ship world-wide. Dyno break-ins are available, too.

Performance Transmissions

Handle your new-found big power with Bob Mazzolini Racing A-833’s and TorqueFlight A-727’s. And if old-school isn’t for you, we know a thing or two about NAG1’s and TR-6060’s, as well. Count on us for anything from street to race. And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, make sure to buy your front bands, race overhaul kits, pans, and converters from us.

Bullet-proof Rear Axles

Come see us about rear axles that won’t blast shrapnel all over the track during a hard launch. We’ll help you send power to the wheels with Dana 60’s and 8 ¾” Sure grips. Talk to us about ready-to-install rear axles and all the parts that go inside. We’re your source for MoPar yoke kits, u-joints, ring and pinion sets, aluminum carriers, clutch kits, bearings, and crush sleeves.

Responsive Suspensions

Put power to the ground with suspension parts and advice from Bob Mazzolini Racing. Call us at 951-787-8783 to learn more. And when you do, let us know things like how much your car weighs and what wheelbase you run. Then we can get into specifics. Maybe you want to use Caltracs in the rear. Maybe you need to stay with stock leaf springs. It’s likely you’re full of questions. How much preload on the Caltracs? Do I need a pinion snubber? Does it make sense to grind my pyramids in front? Should I run 90/10’s? What about 6 cylinder torsion bars? And how should they be adjusted? Do I sit in the car during alignment?

Fortunately we’ve gone through these things with our own cars and are willing to share.

Don’t forget that you can buy suspension pieces right here on this site. We’ve got drag race shocks, power to manual steering adapters, bushings, torsion bars, frame connectors, spring mounts, shackles, and more.

Powerful Ignition Systems

Get everything you need to ignite the fuel you’re going to run. We can equip you with mechanical and vacuum advance distributors, advance weight springs, timing curve adjustment kits, caps, rotors, wires, and more. And when it comes to timing curves, we’ve got the experience to help you create one that works for your car and its intended use.

Everything is just a phone call away

Call Bob Mazzolini Racing at 951-787-8783. Like we’ve said before, you’ll probably reach Bob himself. It’s your chance to talk directly to the man with the answers.